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Promote Your Business in a Slow Period? Yes!

We all know those periods when things are not moving, you feel stuck, and no one seems to be acknowledging you. Every business has those times. And we know it can be worrying because customers don’t interact with you but […]

How Facebook Groups Help Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing: How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Brand

As we entered the new decade, we expect Facebook to turn 16 this year. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of adolescents (around 18 years old) that never actually had the chance to perceive the world as a […]

5 Ways to Stay Inspired the Whole Year

As December comes to its end, the new year’s resolutions come along. They take over your thoughts, wake up in your mind when you want to go to sleep, and bring you a silent coffee as you wake up. They […]

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How to Add Instagram Feed on a Website and Why You Need it?

Instagram has powerfully shot itself out of space. It has grown so fast that it might beat Facebook’s success soon. Users now are choosing Instagram more, little by little replacing the blue icon app. Instagram, with more than 700 million […]

On Christmas – How to Build a Business Plan for 2019

No matter which side of the world you are, I hope it is beautifully snowing, just like where I am is. Or at least, I hope you get the same Christmas mood as hoped. Lights shining their way to our […]

Digital Marketing: The Trends That May Change The Game in 2019

Even though I was deeply convinced that there is no possibility for someone not to know what is digital marketing, the truth is, that we, as digital marketers, are part of a tribe. Nothing more, and nothing less. And as the […]

How to Write SEO Content Articles

How to Write SEO Content Articles in 2019

As hard as it seems to believe, another year has passed and it’s again time to evaluate our past work and project new goals for the upcoming one. Some of the central strategies throughout this year involved the development of […]

SEO Backlinks: Seven Deadly Sins

Years ago, Google invented a solution to the keyword stuffing problem. Although, as of today, the search engines evolved so much that they are almost nothing as they were, and there are hundreds of factors for the ranking of a […]

WordPress SEO: What You Need to Know

We already know how important the search engines are for the Internet. It is virtually impossible to find any information online without using some kind of a search engine. And even if in the past the search engines were an […]

The 7 Website Optimization Tools You Definitely Need in 2018

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is exactly the justification we all need when it comes to rewarding our hard work. As natural as it is to have our focus on what we consider to […]

What is upselling

What is Upselling and the Right Way to Do It?

A few years ago, I was part of another business and had to meet upsells very often. Interesting thing is – no one thought me. Because everybody wanted to do it and get an advantage, meaning no one wanted me […]

How Google Works – the Unexpected Truth Behind the Search Engines

Every one of us should know exactly how Google works. Because if you take the time to think about it, the company has a major role in our everyday life. Even if one is unable to perceive it, due to […]

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