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How to Setup Email Filters

In this video hosting tutorial you will learn how to setup email filters using your hosting control panel within a few minutes. Return to Video Tutorials Page.

  1. First, you have to select the Email Filters section from the control panel.
  2. From the dropdown list choose the email for which you want to setup a filter.
  3. Type a rule description and priority.
  4. Next, you have to set the filter criteria. Filters can be various – you can filter by a word which appears, starts with, ends with or doesn’t start and end with, or is contained within the header of the email or its body. Other filters can also be spamscore, or a plain text or not a plain text (contains attachments, HTML code, etc.), larger or smaller than specific amount of bytes and is or isn’t multipart MIME message. The options are a lot. Choose by clicking on the radio button.
  5. Now you need to define what action will be taken when you get a message that falls under the filter criteria. You can save it in an IMAP filder, forward it to another address, reject the email and replying with and error message, delete the message or reply to it, using autoreply.
  6. When you are done modifying the actions click on the “Add New Email Filter” button.
  7. The filter has been added to the system.