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Promote Your Business in a Slow Period? Yes!

We all know those periods when things are not moving, you feel stuck, and no one seems to be acknowledging you. Every business has those times. And we know it can be worrying because customers don’t interact with you but […]

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

What to Include in Your Zero Waste Blog?

Zero waste has been spreading all over the Internet and through our daily talks, our minds, and thoughts. People keep focusing on it more and more each day. And they should be. This inevitably turns into a trend in blogging […]

WordPress 5.4 Adds Lazy-Loading to All Images

Lazy-Loading to All Images by WordPress 5.4 in March

WordPress is one of the most rapidly developing platforms on the Internet that exceeds all expectations daily. The millions of users tend to expect improvements all the time and WordPress answers. The latest news announced are that WordPress 5.4 will […]

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Things that should be included in a personal blog

5 Things You Should Include in Your Personal Blog

Starting a personal blog is a desired decision by many people that have interest in lifestyle changes, food activities, any opinions wanted to be shared, literature expressions, or anything really that a person wants to share with others and have […]

How to Improve Wiring Skills

How to Improve Writing Skills and be a Better Writer

Being a writer is not like being an engineer, a doctor, or a mathematician. It’s not science that can be learned or thought. However, it is something that can be improved in many ways. To become better, you must improve […]

Website Update – Follow 6 Simple Steps and Tune up Your Site

A website update is needed as it has to be taken care as a pet needs to be fed. Just like you water the flowers and you clean your house; your online space is a home for all the visitors […]

The Best eCommerce Strategy for Creating Category Pages

It’s estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019. This is an impressive statistic itself and it should drive your attention into how much people are online, buying, and respectively selling. This means if you haven’t […]

Choose from the Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

Being a photographer without a website these days is a business-killer. Working in studios and trusting people’s recommendation for future customers is nice, but if you want to grow wild, significant, and succeed – you need a website. And you […]

How to Improve WordPress Search? Top 5 Ways to Do it.

WordPress is used by 60.6% of all the websites whose content management system we know According to (Web Technology Services), WordPress is the most used CMS on the Internet that people enjoy each and every day. The content management […]

Why are Customer Insights Important and What to Do with Them?

When you are running an online business, often different occasions appear when you have to adapt, you have to learn and improve yourself even if you are many years on the market. Everything evolves and changes fast, and you always […]

Welcome to the Space Lift

It was almost exactly two years ago when AwardSpace started to walk a path that we hope will lead to you.  We not only changed the design of our website but what is more important, created services that we hoped […]

Web Design for Beginners – 10 Common Mistakes

“48 percent of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining the credibility of a business.” This incredible statistic should be enough for everyone to understand the importance of investing time, effort, and capital in […]

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